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Born out of a desire to experience collective healing through play, connection and creation, Philo has evolved into a space that welcomes artists, dreamers, and families of all ages. 

Once a week, we get to open our doors in SE London and invite you to rehearse with us as we explore what creating together for change can look like.

Play is in everything we do and through everything we do, we play.

Philo is open on Tuesdays during the term-time between 10.30am - 5pm. Follow us on eventbrite and social media for updates and session details.

woman in beige jumper helping a school child wearing a red jumper do a creative activity
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everyone makes their mark

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the foundation



Practicing care as we hold each other and are held, as we centre others by listening and learning intergenerationally. It's an ongoing equitable process and a fundamental need of the person, place and the planet.


Recognising our collective struggle, we journey together through our wounds and healing as a community to find freedom from oppression in many forms.


"Lift every voice" (NAACP, 1919) 

Empowering intergenerational voices from the margins so everyone makes their mark and can speak life.


A child's work but we also think it should be an adult's work too! Through experimentation, creativity and open-ended play we believe as a community we can strengthen our physical and mental health, as well as form communal bonds of support, resistance and fun.

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